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Who is Rath & Stok?


We design and produce exclusive furniture for storing magazines and vinyl records.

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At a lunch, discussing a shared love of records, the idea to make quality designer furniture for records came about. The idea became a hobby – and the hobby turned in to a passion. There were enough ideas for a whole series of products, and the workshop was full of different prototypes. With our background in technical design and design engineering, we started the product development of our first product – Display.


We have a passion for the physical, the intimate and the grounded, and want to create oases in an online era. Products from Rath & Stok must be both innovative and multifunctional. A Display from Rath & Stok is not only a beautiful rack, but features a unique visual “flick through” function as well. The dynamic design allows you to express your personality.

Design with care

Because of our concern for the environment, we try to leave as small a carbon footprint as possible. Our products are primarily made in Denmark to reduce carbon emissions during transport and to ensure the best quality. The wood we use is all certified and comes from slow growing forests. Both glue and painting is free from formaldehyde, the leather is 100% natural without coloring. The packaging is made from recycled cardboard, that has been used before and can be used again.


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    Kaspar Rathje

    Founder & CEO

  • Jesper Stokholm

    Founder & CEO

  • Philip Damm

    Philip Damm


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