Elegant vinyl storage in stylish design by Rath & Stok
Displayy Vinyl

Display Vinyl

Let your music become part of your home decor. The perfect vinyl rack for your favorites or evening theme.

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Display Read

You are what you read – Let your magazines become a personal and dynamic part of your home.

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Back to Basic – Stylish Danish design focusing on personality, immersion and presence

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Rath & Stok

Rath & Stok creates design furniture for storage. It is the story of two friends who agreed to a plate breakfast in 2016 that there was a need to store vinyls that unite aesthetics and functionality – and so the display shelf was born.

Behind Rath & Stok stands Kaspar Rathje and Jesper Stokholm, who respectively have a background as a technical designer and design engineer – sharing a common passion for design and vinyl records. It is the common passion that is the starting point for Rath & Stok. The combination of quality, aesthetics and functionalism has resulted in the display shelves gaining high recognition both at home and abroad.

Display Vinyl

From €229,00

Display Read

From €229,00

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